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Activities are important part of the daily life in the Rest Home. Activities Director is responsible in organizing and coordinating our busy weekly schedule. Our activities are manifold starting from shopping and field trips to exercise, reading groups and concerts.

Our goal is to tailor our daily activities program based on the needs of the residents. Most of our activities are done as a group, but when needed, we plan individual activities taking into consideration each resident’s entire well-being.


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We frequently have trips to interesting places or attractions such as museums and shows in the area and of course our wildly popular shopping trips to the many stores and malls in the area.  

In-House Activities inhouseactivities
On Sunday and Wednesday afternoons we have a devotion provided by different churches. Also, an English communion is served once a month.
Residents can keep their creativity up in craft group who meets once a week. Hand made products made by this group members are on display in our main lobby. 


One way to keep your body and mind in shape is exercise. We get together 3 times a week to exercise


Concerts and Artists
In afternoon coffee times we have entertainment. Especially during the wintertime we have an opportunity to enjoy many Finnish musicians and performancers. 


Holidays and Celebrations
As the name "Finnish American Rest Home" suggests, Finnish and American cultures go hand in hand at our facility. We'll celebrate Thanksgiving, Halloween, Juhannus, Vappu and Finlands independence day as well as 4th of July among other holidays. In fact, we happily take an advantage of double set of holidays


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